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The purpose of educaon is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.

Welcome to Our School

Preschool educaon is not just about art, music, dance, fun, and fantasy, it is to provide comprehensive learning objecves and having a structured way to achieve these objecves.
The 4 major components to achieve these objecves are:

  • the philosophy
  • the curriculum and methodology
  • the learning tools offered to the child
  • the teachers who facilitate learning

Our curriculum balances these 4 components. The core philosophy is inspired by the Montessori method. Each material has been designed following this philosophy. The teachers have been trained effecvely on the philosophy, curriculum, and materials. Academically equipped and socially adept children are what we are striving to provide this world.



Teachers are facilitators

Teachers facilitate active learning by creating an engaging classroom environment.

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Self-Learning Environment

Self-correction promotes autonomy and personal growth through self-reflection and feedback.

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Each Child at his own pace

Individualized learning allows each child to learn at their own pace.

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Self-correction builds independence and self-awareness through reflection and correction.

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Inner discipline

Inner discipline fosters self-control and responsible decision-making skills in individuals.

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Daily observaon and assessment

Observation and assessment inform teaching strategies and support student growth.

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Socially vibrant environment

Dynamic learning space where creativity and collaboration thrive among students.

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Encouraging the child's inherent desire to do and learn.

Nurturing curiosity and self-motivation to foster lifelong learning in children.



Expression, Vocabulary, Grammar, Phonology


Maths, Science, Environment, Culture


Daily Life Skills, Sensorial, Gross Motor, Fine Motor


Problem Solving, Decision Making, Social Skills, Independence

How To Enroll Your Child In A class ?

The Environment

The environment is a major part of our curriculum. A young child must get daily experience with learning aids in a structured environment which have specific usage, derived from the curriculum. The environment in our curriculum facilitates self-learning in every child.

Learning Modes

Our curriculum has acvies that are specifically designed to help a child in every area of development.
These acvies include:

  • Individual learning with materials
  • Small group acvies in art, language, and gross motor skills
  • Learning through a themac approach
  • Occasional support learning through role-plays, presentaons, storytelling, Reading
  • Field trips
  • Project-based learning for older children
  • Cultural celebraons
  • A child’s home environment plays an important role in shaping a child’s personality. Our curriculum includes parent feedback sessions and guidelines to ensure that the school and home environment together foster the child’s development.


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