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Who we are

The Philosophy

A Child's path to excellence begins with the perfect role model and the perfect tools.
Research proves that Early Educaon is crical because:

  • Brain development is most rapid in the early years
  • 75% of neural connecvity is complete by the age of 7
  • When the quality of smulaon is deficient, child development is seriously affected.

We envision today’s children as tomorrow’s leadership icons. We have impacted a milestone departure from the teacher-led to the child-centric. Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style, while our MI-aided methodology helps them discover their own creative and aesthetic potential.


Cognitive / Academic Learning

Every acvity in the school is done with a clear-cut objecve and outcome for the child.
In the 2 to 4 years category, we begin with fine motor and praccal life skills. English is introduced with phonecs. Mathemacs is introduced with materials that help the child comprehend this very abstract area. Other acvies help with cognive development and logical thinking.
In the 4 to 6 age group, children are taken through a program that covers fairly complex areas of language, mathemacs, geography, history, and science in a manner that will help them and understand the fundamentals.

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