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Message From The Desk of Principal

It is true that education is essential for the overall development of human being but one most not forget one's rituals, cultures and of course Sanskar (sacrament). It means multiplication of virtues and division of personality defects. These values should not be taught to them just by preaching or by bribing but set an example through our own actions. Our dedicated staff takes a very real interest in all children and is committed to every children's success by providing both a good education and of course good sanskars.

Satish Kaushish




Message From The Desk of Vice President

We aim to meet the challenges of education goals for students and guide them towar right principles, ethics and moral valu We offer our students a stress-free learni environment which encourages creativ and critical thinking. For parents it is v that your child receives an excellent s to schooling in a friendly, caring and far atmosphere. B.K. Sr. Sec. School provides environment. We never focus on cramm instead of, we give importance to prac work which makes learning easy.

Jitesh Kaushish

Vice President

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